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Globalization of LED Lighting in China

A few days ago, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China informed the media in Beijing that at present, LED lighting has huge industrial, economic, technological and social effects, and is regarded as a strategic emerging industry by many countries around the world. "LED lighting is a global opportunity, and strengthening global cooperation is an important part of its industrial development."

In terms of cooperation with developed countries and emerging economies, through the international scientific and technological cooperation plan, China State Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Lighting has established an overseas research and development entity "International Open Innovation Center" at Delft University in the Netherlands, and jointly cultivated doctors and postdoctoral fellows. China also cooperates with the German Ministry of Education and Research in the fields of innovative application, standard testing, demonstration project evaluation, and product recycling; establishes the "BRICS Semiconductor Lighting Cooperation Platform" with Brazil, India, Russia, and South Africa; and cooperates with the Kenyan Ministry of Education and Research to jointly carry out Construction of Zhongken LED Lighting Technology Center.

Domestic experts believe that LED lighting has become a successful technological revolution and has established a leading position in the transformation of the lighting industry. With the promotion of technological progress and the pull of market demand, the LED lighting industry will enter a new round of rapid growth. The next 2-3 years will be the most critical period for semiconductor lighting technology innovation and industrial development.

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