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Installation Guide for Solar Street Lights

As an environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting equipment, Solar Street Lights' correct installation is crucial to ensure their normal operation. The following is the installation guide for solar street lights for reference:

1. Venue selection

Choose a location that is close to the road but does not affect traffic to install street lights to ensure that the lighting range covers the areas that need lighting.

Ensure that the installation location has sufficient sunlight to ensure that the solar panels can fully receive solar energy and provide sufficient power reserve.

2. Fixed bracket

According to the design requirements of solar street lights, choose the appropriate bracket fixing method, such as underground fixing or base fixing.

Make sure the bracket is installed firmly and is not easily affected by external factors, such as wind, rain, vibration, etc.

3. Connect power

Connect the cables between solar panels, batteries and LED lamps correctly, paying attention to the polarity to avoid reverse connection.

Check whether the cable connection is tight and make sure the circuit is clear.

4. Debugging the system

After completing the installation, proceed with system debugging. Check the working status of the solar panels and batteries to ensure they are charging properly.

Adjust the brightness and illumination range of LED lamps according to actual needs.

5. Security Check

After completing the installation, perform a safety check. Check whether Street Light brackets, cables, lamps and other components are safe and reliable, and there are no safety hazards.
According to local safety standards and regulations, ensure that the installation of solar street lights meets relevant requirements.

By following the above steps for correct installation, the normal operation and long-term stability of solar street lights can be ensured, providing safe and efficient lighting services for roads and public places.