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Professional Smart Solar Street Light Installation Completed

Qingdao, March 1, 2024

Recently, our company designed and installed smart street lights for the Qingdao Entrepreneurship Industrial Park in China.

The implementation of this project aims to improve the urban management level of Qingdao Entrepreneurship Industrial Park, provide safer and more efficient public services, and promote sustainable urban development. As the leading smart street lighting solution provider in China and even the world, we have brought a new urban management experience to Qingdao Entrepreneurship Industrial Park with our excellent technical strength and professional team.

The new generation of smart street lights not only has the basic functions of traditional street lights, such as lighting and traffic monitoring, but also integrates advanced Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence algorithms to realize many intelligent functions. These functions include real-time monitoring of road traffic conditions, automatic brightness adjustment to save energy and emission reduction, intelligent video surveillance, etc., which greatly improve the refinement and response speed of urban management.

During the project implementation process, we fully learned from the actual situation and development needs of Qingdao Entrepreneurship Industrial Park and carefully customized the smart Street Light solution. At the same time, we also actively cooperate with local government departments to jointly promote the smooth implementation of the project and ensure that the construction of smart street lights is coordinated with the overall development of the city.

The successful implementation of the smart Street Lamp project in Qingdao Entrepreneurship Industrial Park not only injects new smart city infrastructure into the industrial park, but also sets a new milestone for our company's technological innovation and application exploration in the field of smart city construction. We will continue to adhere to the concept of "technology changes life and innovation drives the future" and are committed to providing smart solutions to more cities and industrial parks to jointly build a better smart future.