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Regular Maintenance Guide for Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights require regular maintenance during use to ensure their long-term stable operation and good performance. The following is a guide to regular maintenance of solar street lights:

1. Clean solar panels

Regularly clean dust, dirt and accumulated water on the surface of solar panels to ensure sufficient light and improve charging efficiency.

When cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe gently and avoid using hard objects to scratch the surface of the battery panel.

2. Check circuit connections

Regularly check the cable connections between solar panels, batteries and LED lamps to ensure that the connections are firm and the circuit is smooth.

If the cable connection is found to be loose or damaged, repair or replace it in time to avoid circuit failure affecting the normal use of the Street Light.

3. Maintain the battery

Check the battery voltage and current regularly to ensure it is working properly.

According to the usage of the battery, clean the battery surface in a timely manner to prevent dust and corrosion from affecting the battery life.

4. Check the operating status of the lamps

Regularly check the brightness and illumination range of LED lamps, and adjust or replace lamps promptly if any abnormalities are found to ensure lighting effects.

Check whether the casing of the lamp is damaged or aged, and repair or replace it in time to ensure the safe use of the Street Lamp.

5. Preventive maintenance

During the lightning season, strengthen lightning protection measures for street lighting systems and install lightning arresters and other equipment to reduce the impact of lightning strikes.

Regularly check the waterproofing measures of the street light system to ensure that the street lights can work normally under severe weather conditions.

Through regular maintenance, the service life of solar street lights can be extended, ensure their long-term stable operation, and provide continuous and reliable services for urban lighting.