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Advanced Urban Infrastructure Street Light
Elevate your urban spaces with our diverse range of Urban Lighting and Traffic Management Products. From cutting-edge Solar Street Lights to high-efficiency LED Street Lights and elegant Light Posts, our offerings cater to all your illumination needs. Transform your gardens and pathways with our Solar and LED Garden Lights, designed for aesthetic appeal and functionality. Ensure road safety and clarity with our comprehensive Traffic Signal Lights and Traffic Signs, including both Reflective and Illuminated options. With innovative solutions like All In One and Split Solar Street Lights, we're dedicated to providing sustainable, adaptable, and reliable products to enhance urban environments, prioritizing quality, sustainability, and your specific requirements.
Solar Street Light
Solar Street Lights utilize solar power to offer a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution. They ensure consistent illumination in urban areas without relying on the electrical grid, making them an eco-friendly choice for public lighting.
LED Street Light
LED Street Lights offer bright, energy-efficient illumination for streets. Their long lifespan and low power consumption make them a cost-effective and eco-friendly choice for urban lighting.
Light Post
Light Posts provide the necessary support for street lights and traffic signals, combining functionality with aesthetic design to enhance the urban landscape.
Traffic Sign
Traffic Signs guide and inform road users, using symbols and text to promote safe driving and pedestrian practices in various road conditions.
Diverse Street Light Applications across Various Locations
Our products and services find extensive application across a spectrum of sectors including country roads, highways, airports, industrial and commercial zones, parks, resorts, hotels, homes, farms, and courtyards. They are designed to provide energy-efficient lighting solutions for a wide range of applications.
.Country Road
Illuminate country roads, enhance visibility and safety on rural routes,optimizing transportation efficiency and reducing accident risks.
Illuminate pathways with gentle, welcoming light, improving safety and aesthetics for evening walks in any environment.
.Highways and Roadways Lighting
Ensure safer journeys with bright, durable lighting along highways and roadways, cutting through the darkness to guide your way.
.Airport Lighting
Secure and guide airport operations with reliable solar lighting, enhancing visibility for runways and pedestrian areas alike.
.Industrial and Commercial Lighting
Brighten industrial zones and commercial spaces, boosting safety and visibility with efficient, sustainable solar power.
.Parks and Playgrounds Lighting
Keep parks and playgrounds safe and inviting after sunset, using solar lights to create enjoyable, well-lit spaces for families.
.Resort and Hotel Outdoor Lighting
Enhance resort and hotel ambiance with elegant solar lighting, offering guests a warm welcome and safe passage at night.
.Home, Farms, and Courtyards
Light up homes, farms, and courtyards with solar-powered lamps, combining security with rustic charm for cozy outdoor living.
CLJT | Empowering Urban Lighting Innovations
CLJT is located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the hometown of street lamps in China, a manufacturing base for road transportation facilities and a famous historical and cultural city. Our company specializes in the R & D and production of traffic lights, electronic police, road reflective signs, security monitoring and supporting poles, street lights, solar street lights, garden lights, solar garden lights and other road traffic facilities and equipment and series of urban road lighting and sales. While pursuing craftsmanship, Chuanglv Transportation still pays close attention to details and strives to satisfy every customer!
15 years of professional experience in street lights and traffic safety
Our company boasts four offices strategically located across China, ensuring nationwide reach and service.
Output value has exceeded 100 million, showcasing our significant impact and growth in the industry.
Innovation is at the core of our company ethos, driving us to constantly push boundaries and pioneer new solutions.
CLJT Projects Around the World
Lekki Port Project in Nigeria
Our company successfully produced signs for the Lekki Port project in Nigeria.
Uruguay Street Light Project
In 2019, our company successfully installed 200 sets of solar street lights across various locations in Uruguay, illuminating the area with sustainable, efficient lighting.
Zimbabwe Solar Street Light Project
In 2022, our firm deployed 350 sets of solar street lights across Zimbabwe, bolstering the region's lighting infrastructure with sustainable solutions.
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